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BlackStone Keeping Company Prepares Proactive Operation for Sberbank

<br><br> Management Company BlackStone Keeping Company has won a tender for provision of consultative services on development and follow-up of introduction of the target model of proactive operation at Sberbank PJSC. The pilot project will be launched at 100 real estate items of Sberbank PJSC of Moscow, Srednerussky and Volgo-Vyatsky RF Regions with subsequent coverage of all RF-stationed sub-divisions of Sberbank PJSC. <br><br>The proactive operation system assumes operation aimed at outrunning, anticipation of the expectations of the internal client - consumer of the operation services. <br><br>Within the framework of the agreement, MC BlackStone Keeping Company will develop a target proactive operation model including elaboration of conceptual models of organization structures of the operational sub-divisions, making proposals on building-up of the automated operation management system. <br><br>Besides, specialists of BlackStone Keeping Company will work out recommendations on preparation of the training program based on the target proactive operation model. <br><br>As Olga Shtoda, Real Estate Management Director of MC BlackStone Keeping Company has said, innovative technologies will be offered within the collaboration framework in proactive operation area, and also as a consequence of automation of the operation processes. "We shall accomplish tremendous work on diagnostics of the existing operation system of the real estate items of Sberbank PJSC. This project will enable making a serious "step forward" in the areas of optimization of the operation processes, application and appraisal of the quality standards, energy efficiency, use of the cutting-edge technologies, as well as automation of the management system of the real estate items", Olga Shtoda has pointed out. <br><br>