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If you are the owner or developer of a real estate asset and if you:
- doubt in the correctness and expediency of spending the financial resources channeled for the project management and operation;
- are interested in the subsequent increase of the cost and the lease attractiveness of the project;
- need to learn our expert opinion and advice on the future actions, we are ready to perform the following types of the project status analysis within the shortest terms:

- rules and procedures effective at the project;
- organizational and staff structure and management principles;
- responsibility, authority, subordination levels of the administrative and technical personnel;
- interaction procedure of the owner, management company, tenant and provider of services.

Technical Analysis:
- general condition of the project, engineering systems and equipment;
- availability of the design and as-built documentation;
- just-in-time implementation of the plan of preventive works;
- correctness of keeping the logs and observation by the personnel of the job descriptions.

Analysis of Lease Agreements:
- lease conditions and potential risks;
- rent rates and their comparison to those currently accepted in the real estate market.

Analysis of Service Agreements:
- scope of the works to be performed;
- service plans;
- total cost of the rendered services and their comparison to the market prices;
- necessity of these agreements.

Analysis of the Operation Expenditures:
- expenditures existing at the project or predicted within the frameworks of the approved concept;
- making a full list of the works necessary for the project and calculation of their cost;
- of the expenditures into recoverable and irrecoverable;
- assessment of their potential optimization.

Analysis of the Plan of Capital Costs:
- list and scope of the works planned to be performed at the project;
- necessity of fulfillment of the works within the considered period;
- alternative solutions;
- assessment of their potential optimization.

Analysis of the Income-Producing Flow:
- expenditures existing or predicted within the frameworks of the approved concept;
- making a full list of potential income items with specification of the amount;
- splitting into profile and non-profile;
- appraisal of a potential increase;

Analysis of the Marketing Strategy:
- compliance of the marketing plan with the set goals;
- list of the used marketing tools;
- marketing budget;
- estimation of efficiency.

As per the results of the analysis, you will receive a conclusion, a report with a detailed description of all problems and issues discovered in the course of the audit, as well as recommendations on elimination of the revealed drawbacks.