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Entrusting us to operate your project, from the very first day you will become calmer and more confident of the working efficiency of all systems and equipment of the building, its professional and timely maintenance.

We undertake the full responsibility for repair and maintenance of the project. At the same time we:
- adapt the program of carrying out of scheduled preventive maintenance of the building and engineering systems on a case-by-case basis to your project;
- guarantee operation of the systems taking into consideration the requirements of the equipment manufacturer;
- are targeted at extension of the operation term and enhancement of the equipment operation efficiency;
- considerably reduce the operation expenditures;
- decrease capital investments;
- pay special attention to the life support systems of the building and uninterrupted operation of the security and fire alarm;
- the employees are permanently trained to act in different emergencies.

Commencing the operation works, we carry out a technical examination of your equipment, discover its weak points and prepare a list of recommended actions on elimination or prevention of failures, as well as a list of the necessary spare parts and tools.

Within the operation terms, we also render and control the quality of the following services:
- cleaning of the building and sanitary and preventive maintenance;
- provision of urban amenities in the building and landscaping of the adjacent territory;
- topic-based decoration of the building by different holidays and events;
- organization of a security service and access control arrangements;
- coordination of the work of contracting organizations performing repair and service works at the project;
- recycling of hazardous wastes (fluorescent lamps, storage batteries);
- maintenance of parking equipment of the car park and garage.