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Keeping is a trend in real estate management (from English "to keep" - "to support", "to improve"); it means a service complex aimed at preservation and maintenance of unique projects, natural and architectural complexes.

We provide this type of services to companies and corporations encumbered with real estate assets, the structure of which contains unique structures, especially cultural zones or areas of outstanding natural beauty.

- if such projects as, for instance, a business center and an architectural monument, a shopping center and a park area with endangered types of flora and fauna are located in your territory, or if a river runs in the territory of the warehouse complex,
- if you wish to get rid of your management headache arising at the thought of the destiny of such projects,
- if you lack special knowledge and material base to work in this area,
- if you do not wish to face conflict situations with supervision authorities and pay penalties or to be deprived of the property right for improper keeping of the acquired asset,

we are ready to render assistance and to undertake solution of your problems and tasks within the framework of complex management of similar projects.

Providing keeping services, we try to implement a whole range of new trends:
- green-building;
- cost-effective use of resources;
- energy efficiency;
- innovations in material engineering.

We also carry out research:
- humanitarian (archeological, historiographic, culturological, ethnological, theological),
- environmental (geodesic, chemical and biological, physical),
- engineering (research of materials, structures and assemblies),
- managerial (management of regulations, quality assurance, development of automated operating systems).