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If you are the owner or developer of a real estate asset, we provide project management services for you:

We build up a professional management team at the project
- Managed solutions of our Company make it possible to increase the value of the real estate asset, to receive maximal incomes and to forecast potential risks.

We support your interests when working with tenants
- Follow-up of lease agreements, control of obligations fulfillment by tenants of the under the lease agreements;
- Handling payments of tenants including preparation of lease invoices, control of due payments, preparation of the initial documentation, calculation of penalty sanctions for violation of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement;
- The methods used by the Company with overdue debts of the tenants enable to achieve a whole new level of results from the profitability point of view. The systematic forward-looking activity on collection of debts allows to drastically raise the refundability and to forecast the financial turnover of resources.

We develop the project high-quality development strategy complying with the market condition and your objectives
- Selection and rotation of tenants;
- Elaboration of the marketing policy of the building;
- Promotion of the project in the municipal and regional real estate market;
- Maintenance of the building image;

We provide you with a regular report on the services rendered
- Financial statements on the current activity including review of the income and expenditure components, explanation of potential deviations;
- Project status reporting including recommendations on the necessary current and overhaul repair;
- Maximization of incomes and optimization of expenditures for the improvement of the financial performance of the object.

We take care of tenant loyalty
- Preparation of rules and procedures for staying in the building for the tenants;
- Training the tenants to act in emergencies and regular evacuation drills for all employees of the building;
- Follow-up of construction and repair works in the premises to be carried out by the tenants - from consulting at the project approval to its subsequent operation;
- Carrying out marketing activities and promotion campaigns for the tenants;
- Rendering additional services for the tenants;

We carry out operating activities with your counteragents
- Work with providers of utility services;
- Interaction with state structures (Uprava, ATI (Administrative and Technical Inspectorates), Rostekhnadzor (Federal Environmental Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service), etc.);
- Environmental follow-up of the natural resource user;
- Project insurance and follow-up of the agreements jointly with insurance brokers and insurance companies.